Model:      EM80A

Type:       Embedded 80mm thermal printer


Product introduction
EM80A is an embedded thermal receipt printer with small size, beautiful
appearance, light weight, full functions, high speed, high definition, simple operation and
convenient connection. It can be widely used to medical equipment, fire alarm control,
industrial control and various other instruments to realize ticket bill printing.
The HOP-EM80A supports Windows, Linux, Android and IOS systems. It can directly
print a variety of font, Chinese characters and graphics.
 Classic embedded design, buckle cover design
 Imported thermal print head with high reliability and long life
 Support multiple bitmaps (including NV Logo bitmap) storage and print
 Support 1D and 2D bar code including code128,PDF417,QR Code,Data-matrix
 Support GB18030 large character library, both common words and uncommon words
can be printed
 Support multiple international languages, support customized graphic printing
 Support ESC standard instruction set and factory-defined instruction set
 Support USB/Serial/Parallel interface,details see specification parameters
 Support Windows, Linux, Android and IOS systems
 Provide support for free on application development, support customization needs
Application field
 Supermarkets, takeaways, restaurants (Reception and kitchen) bill printing
 Query, transaction and other service system ticket printing
 Sports, postal, aviation and other industries printing
 Data test printing in scientific research, medical, environmental protection and other