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Model:      TP-5811/HOP-H58

Type:       58MM Thermal Printer

Interface: USB/Bluetooth/LAN/Serial/WIFI


Product Features

Print quality is high, low cost

◆Low noise, high speed printing

◆Support raster bitmap printing

Easy paper install structure,simple and convenient to operate  

Built-in power supply design, to save space and more convenient to configure;

Support GB18030 big font, easy to print uncommon characters

Support multi language print, suitable for users all over the world;

Support download and print LOGO&graphics ;  

Support Windows, Linux, Android and IOS system printing

Built in data buffer, print and receive data at the same time;

Support character zoom, rotation, adjustable line spacing printing character;

The power consumption is small, and without ribbon cartridge, low use cost;

Compatible with ESC/POS instruction set;

With USB interface, bluetooth interface optional;