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Model:      BSWNL-6004

Type:       1D Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner

Interface: Bluetooth


High performance 32 bits CPU, excellent performance in decoding and error correcting capacity

Auto frequency hopping, high anti-interference capability

250K high wireless transmission rate

10m effective transmission distance

Independent machine ID makes each scanner have unique ID, which can make sure there is no crosstalk even many scanners work in the same time

User defined ID can easily find out data source

Easy pairing. One time pairing for lifetime use. Repeat pairing is allowable.

Simple inventory mode can store 20000 barcode message maximum(customized if over 500)

Enter hibernation automatically with less than 10UA current consumption, which greatly extends the stand-by time of battery.

Long-last time high-capacity battery chargeable with standard USB interface, compatible with any PC.

Safe charging circuit design to guarantee charging safety

Major Functions

Customized user ID with easily ON/OFF features.

data upload without delay feature

Inventory mode: uploading command, barcode amount display command, barcode clearance command.(storage data can upload repeatly.)

user defined hibernation time