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Model:      BSWNI-6023

Type:       2D COMS Barcode Scanner

Interface: 433MHZ Wireless


1.    Captures virtually all 1D and 2D bar codes as well as still images and video, more flexible for different application and solution

2.    Powerful 624 Mhz processor, greatly improve work efficiency

3.    Fast sensor shutter speed supports 60 fps to capture image, exceptional capture rate and motion tolerance

4.    Multi-directional to capture all the data, unique aiming pattern, accurate scanning even in bright sunlight

5.    Diversity of interface, support RS232, USB and RS485(customized)

6.    Reserved installation mounting holes, Easily to integrate into any device or install on the cradle holder

7.    Achieving one-to-many communications(one PC/PLC host to many barcode scanners),good for applications as multiple barcode scanners linked to the same network

8.    Creative user defined barcode technology),user defined barcode binding with unique ID barcode scanner