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Model:      TP-B7

Type:       Portable 58mm Mobile Printer Bluetooth

Interface: Bluetooth, WIFI, USB, RS232, GPRS optional

Product description:

It is a new portable printer designed for the printing service of mobile bill printing technology, simple fashion design, and strong technology. Integrated into a number of cutting-edge technologies: intelligent power saving and power control, variable speed printing, printing density intelligent adjustable, the real combination of technology and practical.


Product performance:

Support 1D, 2D bar code printing

While compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and IOS systems

Super battery life, with smart power saving and power consumption control functions, to ensure longer print time

Support USB, COM and Bluetooth communications

Support sound and light reminder when lack of paper, printing abnormal

Anti-fall of 1.5M cement floor



Warehousing, transportation, logistics, supermarket, tobacco, hydropower reading, mobile government affairs, mobile police, postal and other industries